When I create on the iPad Air, I use an app called Procreate @procreateapp and a Wacom Creative stylus. I use a reference photo or just draw from imagination. First, I make a layer with some guide marks.

Then, I make an “ink” drawing in another layer.

In yet another layer, I add some shading.

Now I pick an existing work of mine or a photo of interesting metal, stone or wood to add texture and color to the shaded areas.

Using layering effects, it looks like this:

If I like my initial drawing, I will make a painting. Again, everything is done in a separate layer so I can manipulate each layer.

I remove the drawing and thicken the texture by adding duplicate layers.

Next, I add a background texture as I did with the drawing.

Finally, I will make variations on this painting by manipulating the layers. Here are a few:

And that’s how it goes!