Today I pulled up blank project on my iPad and just began sketching. Faces are so interesting to me and that is usually what emerges when I doodle.

I added another layer of shading. By the way, I’m using the “6B pencil” in the app, Procreate.

I felt like experimenting a bit with this work so I added another layer using a colorful work of mine I finished a couple of days ago. I set this layer to “color burn” and made it a foreground layer so it would show up only in the drawn and shaded areas. I had to adjust the opacity of the shading layer so it wouldn’t be too dark.

As often happens, I liked the result quite a bit but also liked the simpler version with just the shading. This is how I sometimes begin making a series of variations, by experimenting to see what else I can come up with.
(Words and images Copyright 2016© by Michael Kallstrom)